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Froot by the Foot

Boasting a cotton candy, fuel nose, this variety will give you the best bang for you buck on bulk weight and cannabinoids per square foot of canopy. Hence the name, Froot by the Foot. Finished flower denses up as nice as we’ve seen with auto’s yet for an easy sell with high bag appeal. For those of you who haven’t given auto’s a shot yet this will be the hybrid that will win you over for good.


Lineage Mythic OG x Cotton Candy
Classification Day Neutral
Drought + Cold Tolerance Good
Mold Resistance Good
Vigor Excellent
Seed Type Feminized
Feminization Percentage 99.9% – 99.96
Maturity Time 70 Days
Habit Semibranching
Yield per Plant 3.5 – 4 oz
Average Harvest Height 36 in


Sativa/Indica % 20/80
Aroma/Nose Cotton Candy, Fuel
Flowering Gestalt Large, Dense, Frosty
Potency (%) 18 – 26


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