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Grease Gun

With nearly table top consistency and excellent yields, Grease Gun is the gassiest auto we have available or know of for that matter. Though it will be slower to mature compared to the rest of our catalogue, the nose and trichromes will be worth wait and easy to move out the door in the finished flower market.


Lineage Gorilla Glue x Mythic OG
Classification Day Neutral
Drought + Cold Tolerance Good
Mold Resistance Fair
Vigor Excellent
Seed Type Feminized
Feminization Percentage 99.9% – 99.96
Maturity Time 80 Days
Habit Branching
Yield per Plant 3.5 – 4.5 oz
Average Harvest Height 36  in


Sativa/Indica % 60/40
Aroma/Nose Chem, Fuel, Citrus, Funk
Flowering Gestalt Large,
Sticky, Dense
Potency (%) 17 – 26


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