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King Kong

Vigorous in veg with larger internodal spacing and weaker than average branching. It has a generative habit focusing most of its energy on producing sticky, resinous flowers. It’s very important to establish a well supported canopy in veg before flowering for this strong yielder. 

Photoperiod full term fatso is a notoriously long finisher, so we have created this semi-full term lot for a faster finish time without sacrificing the dank quality and yields she is known for. Pungent aromas of GMO give it the classic skunky and dank smell


Lineage Gorilla Glue x Fatso
Classification Photoperiod Semi Full Term
Drought + Cold Tolerance Good
Mold Resistance Fair
Vigor Excellent
Seed Type Feminized
Feminization Percentage 99.99%
Flowering Timing 7 – 9 Weeks


Aroma/Nose Fuel
Potency (%) 20 – 28


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