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This limited lot of seeds is easy to grow with incredible vigor, helping growers to reliably hit good yield numbers. Vegetatively, Pai Gow grows rapidly and will fill any canopy space you give it. Growers should pay special attention to not allow the plants to over-veg and be prepared for multiple hedging passes. In flower, this strain produces long spears of easy to trim, golf ball buds with strong aromas of pinesol touched by a light dose of fruit. Lots of beautiful purple flowers. Consumers are rewarded with a euphoric and uplifting high, great for daytime use.


Lineage Mythic OG x Pai-Gow
Classification Photoperiod Semi Full Term
Drought + Cold Tolerance Good
Mold Resistance Good
Vigor Excellent
Seed Type Feminized
Feminization Percentage 99.9%
Flowering Timing 7 – 9 Weeks


Aroma/Nose Jack
Potency (%) 20 – 28


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