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Nov 4, 2022

Considerations for Watering During Different Growth Stages

Proper irrigation plays a crucial role in the healthy development of cannabis plants. Understanding the specific watering needs during different growth stages is essential for achieving optimal growth and maximizing yield. In this blog post, we will discuss important considerations for irrigating cannabis plants during the growth stage.

Moisture Management After Transplant

After transplanting, it is crucial to thoroughly water the root zone of the plants. Ensure the transplant zone remains moist but not overly soaked until the transplants have established and are actively growing, which typically takes around 3-7 days. Once the transplants have set, allowing the soil to dry slightly encourages the plants to develop healthier roots by reaching for water. It’s important to strike a balance by providing enough moisture around the roots since regular watering has been carried out until this point.

Monitoring Moisture Levels

As the moisture in the root zone begins to even out and dry, you will notice the leaves perk up, transitioning from a downward arc to extending out and above horizontally. It is crucial for cannabis plants to experience a moisture swing from higher to lower levels to thrive. Over-moist soil can cause stagnation in plant growth. Utilizing a soil moisture probe can help you determine the proper moisture percentage required for healthy plant development. Keep in mind that the ideal moisture percentage may vary depending on the specific soil type.

Watering Techniques

Continuing to water the plants based on conditions is crucial. Waterings should wet a cone of soil around each plant. Surface moisture encourages the growth of lateral roots, while deep moisture encourages the development of penetrating or mining roots. As the plant’s root system expands wider and deeper over time, adjust your watering techniques accordingly. The duration and depth of watering will depend on how well your medium drains. Occasional long waterings can help water penetrate deeper, while shorter waterings in between ensure water is distributed near the surface.

Considerations for Different Medium Types

Different growing mediums present different watering challenges. For example, potted plants tend to distribute water more evenly, allowing for uniform watering lengths. However, heavy clay soils might retain subsurface water, requiring more frequent, shorter waterings to maintain surface moisture without saturating the vertical mining roots. Periodically check your medium to understand how it holds subsurface water. This will help you adapt your watering practices accordingly.

Quality irrigation during the growth stage of cannabis plants is crucial for their overall health and productivity. By understanding the moisture needs of the plants after transplant, monitoring moisture levels, and implementing appropriate watering techniques based on your medium type, you can ensure optimal growth and yield. Remember to strike a balance between providing enough moisture for healthy development and avoiding over-watering, which can hinder plant growth.


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