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Sherbanger #22 Cutting

This is the first public offering of the legendary Sherbanger #22, aka Emmit Smith, a diamond pulled from the genetic cannabis pool of potential by @NorCalsGardens. This plant is known for its exotic color and its unique blueberry gas nose. NorCal recommends high humidity and temperatures during first 4-5 weeks of flower, 70%+ humidity and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature and humidity should be lowered later in flower to promote color change, preferably 64 degrees or lower. Flower structure is solid with with ideal internode spacing, not too tight or spaced too far apart allowing for adequate air flow and light penetration.

Finished flower can either be lighter or darker purple depending on temperature and growing conditions. When grown perfectly the finished flower will be purple inside and out, very noticeable when ground up prior to smoking. The terpenes are the most distinguishable and sought after part of this plant. It has sweet blueberry nose with a hint of gassy OG that translates directly into the smoke. If dried flowers are exposed to humidity above 70% the terpenes tend to take on a fermented or rotten berry smell that can also be desirable but not personally recommended. All in all this is our favorite plant we have ever grown and it is a favorite among many of the connoisseurs in the industry that have been lucky enough to try it. We are excited to finally get this plant in the hands of growers across the country.

*Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Shipments will go out M-W to ensure short transit times and optimum plant health.




Sunset Sherbert x Headbanger OG


Full Term

Flowering Time

67 - 70 days




Potency (%)



Blueberry Gas
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