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Nov 18, 2023

2024 Atlas Seed Catalog – PDF

Here’s an easy access download for our 2024 Catalog. Check er’ out, share her with friends. The new strains will be available in the new year. Some we will sneakily drop before.

Download our new 2024 Catalog Here

2024 Atlas Seed Catalog Strain Descriptions

Our list of top tier, high potency, performance cannabis seeds for licensed cultivators and home growers

Cannabis Seed Variety NameCannabis Variety / Strain Description
Dirty LaundryDirty Laundry represents our pioneering venture into a fuel-focused, fast-flowering, feminized photoperiod cannabis strain designed to excel in solventless hash production. Given its lineage, stemming from Girl Scout Cookies and specifically GMO cannabis seeds, renowned for their exceptional washing capabilities, this f1 cross upholds this distinguished legacy. Despite the usual extended flowering period associated with GMO strains, typically lasting from early to mid-October, our objective was to curtail the flowering time by 2-3 weeks without compromising the impressive hash production figures. The robust, high-yielding plant embodies the savory and funky terpene profile characteristic of GMO, delivering a vigorous performance. Naturally, the strain also exudes prominent gas terpenes. Furthermore, visual appeal is heightened with enticing purple hues as the flowers approach maturity. It’s important to note that Dirty Laundry may require a slightly longer cultivation period compared to many other strains in our catalog, primarily due to the extended maturation period of the GMO mother. Additionally, while the yield potential is marginally lower, adopting higher planting densities or emphasising top-tier flower quality may offset this, not to mention its exceptional hash production capabilities. Available in fem or feminized bulk cheap cannabis seeds. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
Papa SmurfPapa Smurf represents our fresh take on a fast finishing / fast-flowering iteration of the beloved Blue Dream variety. While the exceptional yields and terpene-rich attributes of Blue Dream, stemming from its blueberry x haze lineage, enjoy widespread admiration, not everyone has the patience for its sativa-inclined cultivation duration. This feminized f1 photoperiod plant races through the vegetative phase, showcasing robust growth that leads to the abundant development of flowering sites. These sites blossom into the quintessential Blue Dream composition, complemented by the impressive internodal spacing reminiscent of Cotton Candy. Its robust performance in averting botrytis (although to a limited extent in comparison to other blue dream strains, this strain is not recommended for high-humidity climates) is coupled with a vigorous and well-spaced growth habit, facilitating comprehensive spray penetration. The fragrance exudes a discernible candy flavor underlying the renowned mango sweetness synonymous with Blue Dream. With its potential for exceptionally high yields and unmatched vigor, Papa Smurf is poised to excel among the varieties you choose to cultivate. Available in feminized f1 cheap bulk cannabis varieties, marijuana seeds, and as autoflowering lines (blue dream / cotton candy crosses)
BanjerineThis strain emanates robust orange citrus fragrances with remarkable intensity. Many variations of this strain offer aroma profiles reminiscent of mandarin and tangerine, occasionally accompanied by subtle fuel undertones. It displays exceptional vigor and uniformity in its growth. The banjo terpenes translate remarkably well into both extracts and dried flowers. Moreover, we have observed above-average yields when processing this strain for extraction. The incorporation of Cotton Candy genetics enables this semi-full term strain to be reliably harvested in either September or March (depending on the hemisphere) when sown at the optimal time—our recommendation is to commence seeding from early to mid-May for subsequent transplanting in early to mid-June. Available in feminized cheap bulk f1 cannabis seed, cannabis seed retail packs, marijuana seed for wholesale to farmers. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
Crazy TrainWe obtained a cutting of the renowned Jack Herer strain and focused on enhancing its potency and accelerating its maturation. This fast-flowering f1 line, a valuable inclusion in your jack/sativa cannabis seed assortment, has been carefully bred to exhibit heightened potency and earlier ripening. By integrating our Cotton Candy auto genetics, we’ve crafted a swift-maturing, semi-full term variety that reliably reaches fruition before adverse autumn weather conditions take hold outdoors. This strain boasts a delightful sweet-and-sour citrusy lemon taste coupled with a woody pine finish. Its fragrance has been likened to Pine-Sol, featuring a lemony pine dominance complemented by earthy herbal and spicy floral notes. The buds of Jack Herer cannabis seeds are sizable, pepper-shaped, and exhibit vivid neon green hues with golden undertones, accompanied by thick orange pistils and a generous coating of frosty golden-amber crystal trichomes. Available in high potency sativa cannabis seed packs and cheap cannabis seed bulk varieties. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
DosidosOur enhanced fast-finishing (quik / quick / semi full term) interpretation of a delightfully classic selection from the Girl Scout Cookies lineage, this f1 photoperiod plant emanates enticingly sweet cookie fragrances. The medium-branched, robust plant yields dense golf ball to frosty popcorn-sized flowers, exuding sugary sweetness. Benefiting from a rapid maturation period and impressive nodal spacing inherited from its Cotton Candy lineage, this strain stands out as an exceptional choice for cultivation. Its low leaf density and compact nug structure make it well-suited for mechanical trimming. Additionally, the notable vitality of this variety can be attributed to crossbreeding genetically distinct photoperiod and autoflowering lines. It’s worth highlighting the exceptional potency associated with lineages such as Cookies, Cake, Cream, and Candy, which encompass renowned strains like Gelato, Wedding Crasher, Sundae Driver, Wedding Cake, and Runtz. True to its lineage, this fast-ripening cookies cannabis seed line maintains this tradition of delivering potent and exceptional qualities. Available in feminized cheap bulk cannabis seed form for wholesale cultivators and licensed growers, and as sample packs / retail packs of f1 cannabis seeds. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
Huckleberry PieWe paired our select Cookies x Seed Junky collaboration, Berry Pie, with our prized auto flower inbred line, Cotton Candy. The result, Huckleberry Pie, is a speedy, semi-full term variety that’s definitely worth your attention. The rapid maturation of Cotton Candy (just 65 days from sowing) and its impressive resistance to mold proved to be a fitting complement to Berry Pie. This strain exudes intensely sweet and sour berry fragrances with a sophisticated vanilla finish when smoked. It typically reaches a medium size, making it one of our shorter semi strains when grown outdoors, reaching approximately 6 feet. Indoors, it flourishes with trichome-laden flowers that glisten with frostiness. Notably, the plant demonstrates exceptional vigor and yields, thanks to the crossbreeding of genetically dissimilar photoperiod and autoflowering parental lines. With lineage connections to the cream, cookies, cake, and candy aroma family (including Gelato and Runtz), expect impressive potency from this cannabis seed’s lineage, stemming from the cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. Available in cheap bulk f1 cannabis seed bulk for wholesale cultivaors and licensed farmes, and as retail packs for homegrowers / grow at home, brick and mortar vape, dispensaries, smoke shops, and grow shops). All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
Cheetah FatWe’ve introduced our Pilot Light auto (a Fatso 84 Bx) selection to enhance the dessert-like terpenes of this fast-ripening, fuel-forward variety with roots in GMO, Gelato, and London Pound Cake lineages. Cheetah Fat showcases robust growth, impressive visual appeal, and excels in both flower production and extraction yields, showcasing delightful Meyer lemon and funk aromas. For optimal results, we recommend seeding in May and transplanting in June to achieve a mid to late September harvest for this photoperiod plant. Available as cheap bulk feminized f1 cannabis seeds f or wholesale cultivators and licensed growers, and retail cannabis seeds for grow shops, vape and smoke shops, and brick and mortar dispensaries, as well as homegrowers
Gopher GlueWe paired an improved GG4 selection with our prized autoflower inbred line, Cotton Candy, resulting in an f1 photoperiod plant that excels in growth potential. The unmatched sugary terpene profile, mold resistance, impressive bud structure and yields, and quick maturation of Cotton Candy perfectly complement the acclaimed potency and robust fuel aroma of Original Glue/Gorilla Glue. It’s worth noting that as a photoperiod plant, this rapid/semi-full term cross will reach its full potential by mid-September if sown in mid-May. The flowers emanate a spicy chocolate fragrance with a distinct diesel undertone and exhibit an exceptionally adhesive quality, inherited from the Gorilla Glue lineage. Given our persistent battle with gophers undermining our gardens, the decision to develop Gopher Glue felt like a natural fit for us. Available as cheap bulk feminized f1 cannabis seeds as well as home grower marijuana seeds. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
Mythic CheetahWe’ve crossed in our Mythic OG to accent the dessert terps of this fast finishing / quick, fuel forward variety from Gelato & London Pound cake lineages. This is a feminized, f1 photoperiod plant. Mythic Cheetah buds have bright neon green nugs with yellow orange hairs and frosty thick coating of golden amber crystal trichomes. When smoked it has a sweet, creamy, fruity flavor with a sour citrus taste that lingers long after your final exhale; very similar aroma, although with a heavy pungency, accented by heavy diesel/gas as the nugs are broken apart and burned away. Available as a bulk cheap cannabis seed feminized f1 variety, as well as retail seed packs for dispensaires, vape and smoke shops, and homegrowers. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
SlurpicaneWe bred a classic cut of Purple Punch with our newly developed Pilot Light (from a Fatso 84 Bx lineage) to produce a swiftly maturing Purple Punch strain. Planting in mid-May will yield a harvest in early to mid-September. The inclusion of the Fatso auto introduces a touch of diesel fuel to the aroma, which translates into the smoking experience. This potent combination of tropical fruit and fuel promises to bring positive outcomes to your operations. Imagine the essence of pineapples and tiki torches, or the unexpected kick of adding lighter fluid to the punch bowl. The Purple Punch cannabis seed lines were originally created through a cross of Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple. Available as cheap bulk feminized f1 cannabis seeds and homegrower or grow at home marijauna seeds. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC
Snow PandaWe then crossed this improved Oreoz selection with our esteemed autoflower IBL, Cotton Candy. The rapid maturation of Cotton Candy (65 days from sowing) and its exceptional mold resistance turned out to be a great complement to Oreoz. If sown in mid-May, this cross will reach maturity in early September. Its aroma carries a chocolate nuttiness with a hint of diesel, and this characteristic carries through into the smoking experience. This strain is a must-have for outdoor growers contending with a shorter growing season or autumn rains. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how this plant develops in its final three weeks, producing a dense, frosty flower that truly stands out. These cookies/cream/cake/candy cannabis seeds exhibit impressive trichome production, making them well-suited for washing and solventless extraction. And if you’re into hash production, this strain is definitely for you. All seed is hemp seed by law, <.3% THC, and is available in cheap bulk feminized f1 cannabis seed, as well as retail or home grower marijuana seed packs for vape and smoke shops.
Laundry ListThis hybrid strain blends the excellent washing capability of the Galactic Guava with the impressive gas/fruit terpene profile of the Grapes n Cream from Cannarado genetics. The outcome is a combination of tropical fruits, including gas, mango, pineapple, papaya, guava, and grapes. When fully ripe, the flowers exhibit a light green color with noticeable platinum frost accents. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seeds for licensed cultivators looking for feminized f1 hemp and cannabis seeds, and grow your own or home grower level cannabis seeds. All cannabis seeds are hemp seed by law, <.3% THC.
Tropical CoolerThis combination emits incredible terpenes that will transport you to a white sand beach with a fruity cocktail in hand. The fruit salad fusion of the Purple Punch, prominently featuring pineapple notes, harmonizes beautifully with the blueberry and sandalwood terpenes of the Blue Dream S2. The bag appeal is impressive, with above-average frost on both strains, and the overall effect is greater than the sum of its parts. This plant will lean towards a larger size and yield accordingly. Available as a feminized f1 cannabis seeds, cheap bulk marjuana seeds, and as home grower and DIY cannabis cultivator seeds. All seeds are hemp by law.
Iced SangriaThe purpose of this cross was to create an early-maturing strain with a generous yield and exceptional terpene profile and bag appeal. Our proprietary cut of Oreoz, the As1s1, has been a focus of our breeding efforts for a considerable time. It contributes to the early maturation of the cross as well as the majority of the sparkle and frost in the mature flower. The Purple Punch introduces fruity tropical terpenes, with pineapple notes shining through most prominently. Available as a bulk cannabis seed and cheap feminized f1 cannabis seed lines, as well as home grower cannabis seeds for retail, smoke shops, and hemp shops looking for legal compliant bulk hemp seeds.
Blueberry SwirlThis is a very high potency indica line due to its dessert terps influence, testing likely in the high 20’s to the low 30’s depending on grower practices. The potent indica-dominant high of this strain presents a considerable challenge for growers. We made the decision to cross the Sherbanger 22 breeders cut acquired from NorCal gardens with our favorite Gelato 41 selection, aiming to reinforce the Sunset Sherbert traits we value as it is a parent to the Gelato 41 line. Don’t be concerned about its appearance during vegetative growth, as it may display fan leaves with odd numbers of fingers. This plant thrives indoors and showcases its most outstanding characteristic, potency, when grown outdoors. Expect moderate yields and some stretching, along with a significant purple hue during the final two weeks of flowering. Available in high potency bulk cannabis seeds, cheap bulk feminized f1 cannabis seeds, and home grower seeds for smoke and vape shops and retail stores. All seed is compliant, legal hemp seed, <.3% THC.
Cheetah the HutWe crossed our heavily frosted Gelato 41 selection with a chosen gassy phenotype of Cheetah Piss to produce this unique blend of frost and gas. The frosty buds exude fruity lemon aromas, accompanied by a dominant petrol fuel scent. Cheetah the Hut induces a relaxing effect on the body and a blissful mental escape, consistent with the traits of many myrcene-dominant kush, chem, and gas lineages within this aromatic family. Some exceptionally stunning phenotypes of this strain have been observed, promising an awe-inspiring experience when cultivated with care. All seed is compliant bulk hemp seed, <.3% and therefore legal for bulk feminized f1 cannabis seeds for sale, as well as home grower and new growers.
Green Apple CandyThis photoperiod cannabis seed strain exhibits a prominently intense ripe green apple aroma that intensifies during the last 2 weeks of ripening and endures throughout the curing process. The plant demonstrates remarkable vigor and boasts an above-average yield, with elongated yet dense flower structure. The light green buds are adorned with dark green and purple hues at the edges. While its flowering time slightly exceeds others, optimal results are achieved with an extended flowering period, ideally around 11 weeks. Different phenotypes may emit scents resembling caramel apple or effervescent apple soda, but the most consistent aroma profile resembles a sweet green apple hard candy, akin to a green Jolly Rancher. Following curing, the flower exudes a fragrance reminiscent of dried apple rings and once again, green apple hard candy. This strain, an s1, originates from a phenotype hunt involving a cross of Wedding Crasher and Dirty Sanchez. Legal and compliant hemp seed, <.3% THC, and available as bulk cannabis seed for licensed growers, and f1 feminized cannabis seed for home growers.
the PandalorianThis strain is ideal for indoor distribution. The striking frost produced by the As1s1 Oreoz selection provides a dazzling display of a million sparkles when the pack is opened. Combining this with the purple tones and fruity/fuel terpene profile of Gelato 41 results in a strain that captivates both the eyes and the nose at first glance and sniff. The dense flowers and above-average yield, coupled with medium-sized plants that exhibit minimal stretching, make it a desirable choice. Anticipate exceptionally high potency from this dessert terpene aroma family; strains within this group, such as cookies, cakes, and candies, seldom disappoint in their Certificate of Analysis (COA). Available as high testing feminized f1 cananbis seeds, in bulk cheap cannabis seeds, and home grower cannabis seeds, and is all legally hemp seed.
Cherry Lime ReserveThis cross has been passed along to us from the incredibly versatile and well worked genetic library of Ron Herrington of Gold Hat Seeds, a life long breeder based in Alberta, Canada. The Black Lime Reserve Ron got from a breeder from Dutch Passion in 2014. He was broken down on the side of the road and Ron picked up him to help him out, come to find out he had something really special to gift to Ron in exchange for his kindness. We’ve heard that this strain won second in an Emerald Cup in 2014 and originally came from Aficionado Seeds. The Black Lime Reserve has loud lime terps and is easy to grow. The Cherry Pie is a heavy yielder that comes from Amsterdam way back in the day (20-30 years) and is to quote Ron “the regular cherry pie everybody loves.” When crossed you get a lime, cherry terp profile and a very easy to grow, 9 week flower that yields excellently. This is one of Ron’s favorites and will be one of the first of his genetics we’re releasing at all, in the summer of 23′ through a grow along being hosted on the Future Cannabis Project. Available in cheap bulk seed for compliant cannabis cultivators, high potency hybrids, and home grower or licensed culitvaor seeds.
Super Sour RuntzThis hybrid strain has been passed down from the carefully curated genetic arsenal of Ron Herrington, an esteemed breeder hailing from Alberta, Canada, and affiliated with Gold Hat Seeds. Ron acquired the Black Lime Reserve from a breeder linked with Dutch Passion in 2014, following a serendipitous encounter where his assistance to the breeder in need led to the bestowal of a special gift as a token of appreciation. Reports suggest that this strain achieved second place in the 2014 Emerald Cup and has its origins in Aficionado Seeds. Renowned for its vibrant lime aromas and ease of cultivation, the Black Lime Reserve stands out. Conversely, the Cherry Pie, a high-yielding variety originating from Amsterdam dating back 20-30 years, is endorsed by Ron as “the timeless cherry pie beloved by all.” The resulting hybrid boasts lime and cherry terpene profiles, along with a straightforward 9-week flowering period and impressive yields. This particular hybrid holds a distinct place in Ron’s affections and is set to be one of the earliest releases from his genetic collection, slated for the summer of 2023 and to be presented through a grow-along event hosted by the Future Cannabis Project. For sale as compliant legal hemp seed, cheap bulk cannabis seeds, cannabis seed for licensed cultivators, and feminized f1 hybrid cannabis seed.
Space StationThis strain shares remarkable similarities with the Outer Space Cake in terms of its terpene profile, flower structure, and coloration. Its captivating aroma, characterized by notes of concord grapes, ripe blackberry, and a subtle earthy Nag Champa undertone, sets this unique strain apart as a delightful smoking experience. Approximately 50% of the plants display hues ranging from deep purple to fuchsia, while the remaining 50% lean slightly towards the green spectrum. The pleasant and uplifting high, coupled with the pronounced accumulation of trichomes in the final 2 weeks of flowering, distinguishes this strain. The notable point of differentiation from its sibling cross lies in its size, as this plant is approximately 25% smaller due to its smaller Blue Gelato parent. Available for sale now as cheap bulk cannabis seed, f1 hybrid, and feminized cannabis seed for compliant and legal licensed farms.
Laundry ShamanOriginally known as Papaya Bomb x GMO, we were compelled to rename Papaya Bomb as Galactic Guava to address a trademark matter. This cross exhibits a strong tropical aroma of pineapple, papaya, and guava, with a subtle undertone of fuel. The flowers boast a lime green color with abundant trichome production, which intensifies just before harvest. Additionally, this strain performs exceptionally well when processed and exhibits significant flower swelling and stacking in the final 10 days of flowering. It is recommended to allow this strain to complete the full 63 days of growth indoors for optimal results. Available as bulk f1 feminized cannabis seeds, and compliant legal cannabis and hemp seeds.
Sour Cherry DieselBoasting an abundance of large colas and an exceptionally intense sour diesel aroma, this strain offers an above-average yield. It presents two distinct phenotypes with differing flowering times, varying by 3 weeks. The earlier, slightly smaller phenotype features dense flowers and matures by mid-September when cultivated outdoors, while the taller phenotype, with slightly more elongated bud structure, finishes in early October. Available as cheap bulk feminized cannabis seeds for compliant and legal operations, and is all legally hemp seed, <.3% THC.
Outer Space CakeThis unique strain captivates with a potent aroma melding concord grapes, ripe blackberry, and subtle earthy Nag Champa undertones, creating a truly pleasurable smoking sensation. Around 50% of the plants exhibit stunning colors ranging from deep purple to fuchsia, while the remaining 50% lean towards the subtly shaded green spectrum. Its delightful and uplifting high, coupled with the notable build-up of trichomes in the final 2 weeks of flowering, contributes to its allure. As a remarkable addition to any backyard garden, this strain is sure to charm and impress both connoisseurs and friends alike. Available as cheap bulk cananbis seeds, feminized f1 hybrid cannabis seeds, and cannabis seed for compliant legal licensed culitvators and home growers.
Banana Cream SundaeWe chose a Banana Cream x Jealousy cut known for its high potency and crossed it with our carefully selected, potent Gelato 41 strain. The resulting hybrid emphasizes the purple hues of the Jealousy strain and inherits the creamy, starchy, fruit-forward terpene profile of the Banana Cream Cake. The bud structure tends to feature numerous colas with round, bulbous shapes reminiscent of Popeye’s forearms. When grown indoors, this flower produces an astonishing snowstorm of frost, promising a truly mind-blowing experience. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seeds and feminized f1 hybrids for compliant growers and legal licensed hemp and cannabis farms and home growers.
Divorce CakeWe acquired a high-potency cutting of Wedding Crashers (Wedding Cake x Purple Punch) and crossed it with a Gelato selection boasting an above-average terpene profile. The result is dense, potent flowers with a pronounced fruity fragrance. This hybrid introduces a grapey vanilla cake terpene profile with a subtle fuel undertone to your cultivation, influenced by the longer flowering time attributed to its shared Wedding Cake lineage. We playfully named this variety Divorce Cake due to its cake lineage, an attempt at humor that doesn’t resonate with everyone. Hey, lighten up, folks! Available as cheap bulk cannabis seeds and f1 feminized hybrid cannabis cultivars for legal licensed farms and home growers
Gelato 41This renowned and consistent variety is celebrated for delivering some of the most desirable effects in the realm of cannabis. Our Gelato 41 flowers yield a harmonious blend of fuel, fruit, and spice, with a sweet, creamy fruit aroma intermingled with hints of lavender and pine at the forefront of the bouquet. Meanwhile, the back end presents a robust petrol fuel aroma that truly enhances its appeal. When cultivated under optimal conditions, the buds exhibit an attractive purple coloration. Available as feminized f1 hybrids and compliant legal licensed farms.
Kombucha CreamImpressively enticing, with a purple hue and a potent fuel and fruit aroma, Atlas Seed One (AS1) stands as our initial proprietary donor. A culmination of over 15 years of cultivation and the assessment of hundreds of thousands of plants, this strain showcases robust purple buds abundant with trichomes and an exceptional terpene/VSC ratio. This plant undeniably fulfills every criterion, stemming from the combination of Cookies & Cream with (White Widow x Chem Dawg).. Available as cheap f1 feminized bulk seeds for compliant legal cutivators and licensed cannabis farms, and cannabis home growers.
Peanut Butter BombThis enhanced photoperiod plant is an upgraded iteration of PB Souffle, subsequently crossbred with our Fatso auto, resulting in a rapid, high-quality variant. It boasts exceptional resistance to mold. When planted in mid-May, you can anticipate harvests around mid-September. The incorporation of Fatso introduces a pleasant diesel fuel essence on the olfactory front, which translates to the smoking experience. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seeds, compliant f1 hemp and cannabis hybrids, and bulk seeds for home growers and legal farms alike.
Purple PunchWe are fond of Purple Punch due to its early maturation and striking, impactful terpenes. It exudes fruit punch terpenes with a prominent pineapple aroma at the forefront and a creamy vanilla essence coupled with berry undertones upon exhalation. As it reaches maturity, this plant displays a subtle purple hue. While it features good internodal spacing, allowing ample light and air movement within the canopy, its overall resistance to mold is limited. However, we believe that the tradeoff for susceptibility to botrytis is effectively balanced by its rapid flowering period, potent terpenes, and delightful smoking experience. Available as bulk seeds for legal farms, and cheap feminized f1 cannabis seeds for home growers and compliant cannabis cultivators
Space PandaOur pick from the beloved Oreoz line, Space Panda, stands out as a multi-faceted variety that excels on various fronts. It displays excellent internodal spacing, minimal foliage, and early flowering, with a timeline of 56-60 days indoors and harvesting in mid-September outdoors—comparable to or even faster than certain mid-term varieties. The plant showcases vivid purple and green tones, adorned with amber pistils and a generous covering of dense trichomes. Boasting frosty, trichome-laden buds, Space Panda offers remarkable bag appeal and is a must-have for any production farm. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seeds for legal farms, home growers, and licensed cultivators
Pilot Light autoWe performed a backcross of Fatso into an auto and carefully selected the best candidate from a field trial. The result is a taller auto variety with exceptional internodal spacing, yielding substantial, resinous buds infused with a fuel-like stickiness. While Fatso’s maturation period is slightly lengthier, it achieves industry-leading cannabinoid production and offers consumers a satisfying and potent effect, inducing a relaxing to couch-locked experience. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seeds, wholesale f1 feminized hybrids, and cannabis seeds for legal farms and compliant cannabis operations. All seed is hemp by law.
Turtle Taffy autoTurtle Taffy represents our most eccentric, unconventional, and alluring strain to date! It’s a wild ride designed for the daring, beckoning enthusiasts to experience a mind-bending journey with this remarkably sticky and extraordinarily stretchy member of the candy reptile realm. Are you ready to encounter an unparalleled potency that defies imagination, even after devouring a pound of Polish sausage? Yes, you are, even if you don’t realize it yet. Prepare to be astounded as Turtle Taffy mysteriously transports its otherworldly buds directly into your grow room, leaving you utterly astonished. If you’re not up for the challenge, then it’s time to make your swift exit! Available as f1 feminized hybrids and compliant cannabis seed for home growers and licensed legal farms.
Garlic Jam autoWe developed this strain with the aim of achieving a faster finishing time for a GMO-heavy variety that also performs well during the washing process. The Cotton Candy Auto streamlines the finishing time by a week without significantly compromising yield. Notably, 90% of the plants from this strain exhibit a striking deep purple hue. Furthermore, the aroma carries the distinctive savory GMO notes through to the finished flower. Available as cheap cannabis seed, bulk cannabis feminized f1’s, and compliant seed for home growers and licensed cultivators.
Gummibears autoGummibears presents an optimal combination of resistance to mold, abundant yield, and potency, catering to those seeking to fend off botrytis while reaping a substantial harvest. This hybrid’s lineage melds the mold-resistant Atlas Star with the OG influence from our Mythic OG line. The finished flowers are uniform and compact, emanating a nose characterized by lemon, parmesan, and fuel notes. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seed, f1 feminized hybrids, and compliant cannabis seed for licensed and commercial farms.
Grease Gun autoBoasting nearly tabletop consistency and the highest yields in our auto lineup, Grease Gun is a top-performing strain that excels in producing sticky, potent buds. While its maturation may take longer compared to the rest of our catalog, the aromatic profile and trichome development make it well worth the wait, ensuring smooth movement in the finished flower market. Notably, it stands as one of our most renowned and best-selling auto varieties. Available in bulk seed for commercial farms, compliant legal cannabis cultivators, and home growers seeking f1 feminized autoflowers.
Tricross autoBoasting gassy sweet scents reminiscent of currants and citrus, our TriCross strain exhibits uniform field structure, characterised by well-distributed lateral branching and internodal spacing. Its efficient leaf-to-bud ratio ensures maximum usable material, earning this hybrid the title of post-harvest processing champion. The frosty appearance of the finished nugs and arguably the best aroma in our catalog make this flower an effortlessly marketable auto. The TriCross lineage stems from a three-way cross of Mythic OG, Field Cookies, and Gravenstein parent lines. Available as f1 feminized autoflowering lines in cheap bulk form for licensed cultivators.
Face Fat autoAn assuredly satisfying fusion of elite genetics, Face Fat represents a distinctive F1 cross between our backcrossed Fatso and GMO auto strains. This variety produces glossy, substantial flowers with hints of purpling, showcasing robust growth and favorable internodal spacing, while exuding a clean fuel aroma. The greasy, gritty flowers are well-suited for washing. Available as cheap builk cannabis seeds for licensed cultivators, and f1 feminized hybrid cannabis seeds for commercial famrs.
Fog Dog autoHighlighting fruity and sugary notes with a touch of fuel, this strain showcases remarkable uniformity in the field, characterized by consistent lateral branching, well-balanced internodal spacing, and a compact overall size. It stands as our second-fastest finishing outdoor strain, reaching maturity between 65 and 70 days. When cultivated with an emphasis on trichome production, the finished flowers exhibit a distinct dark bluish-purple hue, accompanied by noticeable grape candy and sugar dough terpenes, thereby boasting exceptional bag appeal. Its lineage is predominantly influenced by a cross between Cotton Candy and our Gravenstein variety. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seeds for feminized f1 hybrids and licensed cultivaors and cananbis farms.
Froot by the Foot autoWith a distinct cotton candy and fuel aroma, this variety offers exceptional value in terms of bulk weight and cannabinoid production per square foot of canopy, hence earning the moniker, Froot by the Foot. The finished flowers exhibit impressive density, making it an effortless sale with high bag appeal, setting a new standard among autos. For those who have yet to explore autos, this hybrid is sure to win them over for good. Its lineage is a result of crossing our Mythic OG line with the Cotton Candy variety. Available in feminized f1 autoflowers for lincesned cutivators.
GMO 8 autoGMO 8 represents an auto version of our photoperiod GMO pheno hunt champion, #8. It is a robust and well-branched producer of frosty, fuel-scented, purple flowers. This variety excels as both an extraction line and finished flower, and its favorable structure makes it well-suited for machine trimming. Consistency and uniformity shine through across this strain. Available as cheap bulk autoflower seeds for licensed cultivators and commercial cannabis operations.
Top Gun autoTop Gun is a hybrid of our leading donor for mold resistance and our rapidly maturing auto strain, Cotton Candy. This fast-finishing auto variety enables growers to outpace botrytis and unpredictable market conditions. Renowned as our most mold-resistant strain, it is highly recommended for growers aiming to cultivate, harvest, and sell their crop before the anticipated August price decline per unit. Its compact plants exhibit robust growth and ample chunkiness, accommodating dense plantings and delivering impressive yields. Embrace it. Get it in. Get it done. Available as cheap bulk cannabis seed for commerical cutivalors and licensed growers.
Blue Dream autoWe conducted a backcross of Blue Dream in auto form, providing growers with a chance to cultivate this renowned strain within a shorter growing season. This variety showcases delightful blueberry, sandalwood, and mango aromas and reaches maturity in just 75-80 days. It thrives when grown outdoors, requiring minimal attention, and can reach a height of 30″ to 48″, depending on available light and heat conditions. Available as cheap licensed cannabis seed, f1 hybrids, and cannabis seeds for licensed farms.
Wedding CakeWe’ve developed an auto Backcross (BX) of the classic fuel and cake strain, Wedding Cake. This auto variety of Wedding Cake reaches maturity in just 75 days and tends towards indica characteristics. When fully grown, plants can reach a height of 30″ to 48″, influenced by available light and heat conditions. While it exhibits relatively lower mold resistance, it performs well when grown indoors or during dry climatic periods. Available as cheap f1 autoflowering lines for licensed cultivators and commerical cananbis farms.
Tahoe CookiesOur auto Backcross (BX) Tahoe Cookies represents a timeless sugar and fuel strain, featuring frosty trichrome-covered blossoms and emanating pungent gassy terpenes that make a strong impression. An auto cookies line you’ll enjoy, with enough dough terps to go around! Available as cheap bulk cannabis seed for licensed cultivators and commercial cannabis farms.
Atlas Seed review of current cannabis catalog, including fast finishing, photoperiod, and autoflowering genetics bred for high potency and outdoor performance in diverse agricultural settings. Also includes genetics meant for hash / washing.


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