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Dec 31, 2023

Beginner’s Cannabis Home Grow Guide

Best practices, equipment lists, and tips for growing cannabis at home

Click here to view our detailed indoor cannabis grow guide as 1 continuous scrolling page, or read on to review our simple 6 step guides to growing autoflowering and photoperiod cannabis at home. You can also review our table of contents below to select individual grow guide articles.

Are you interested in cultivating cannabis indoors on a home scale? 

Growing cannabis indoors provides an opportunity to have full control over the growing environment and produce high-quality yields year-round.

In this comprehensive beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your indoor cannabis garden. 

From choosing the right equipment and selecting the ideal strains to mastering essential cultivation techniques, we’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to embark on a successful indoor cannabis growing journey. 

If you’re looking for a super simple step by step guide, we have prepared a beginner’s DIY list that you can read in just a few minutes; and for a more in depth exploration, see the table of contents to our expanded guide below:

6 Step Guide for Indoor at Home Cannabis Growers

Easy Home Grower’s Guide for Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

  1. Direct sow seeds into the pot at a depth of ¼” that the plant will finish its life cycle in.  No need to transplant as shock during this phase can be detrimental to plant growth.  Although transplanting can occur with precision . 
  2. 28-35 days will be Veg and 30-40 days will be Flower.   Feed your plants the nutrient mixtures that are appropriate for the stage of growth.  
  3. You can pinch/top your plant right before it initiates flowering if you would like a more even canopy and desire multiple kolas at the top of the plant.  Only top/pinch 1-2x and DO NOT top/pinch after flowering phase has begun  
  4. Use high end light fixtures, either HPS or LED with a PPFD between 650-1000 over the entire canopy for best results.  
  5. Trellis your plants with netting or bamboo stakes for best results with even ripening.  Remember that plants that are flopped over will not ripen as well as plants standing tall and erect.    
  6. Harvest when >50% of trichomes are milky white.  Use our flowering times as guides.

Simple Beginners Growers Guide for Feminized Photoperiod Marijuana Seeds:  

  1. Seeds can be sown directly into pots or placed in a soil plug and transplanted.   
  2. Plants can be pheno hunted and cloned when a unique “winner” is found.     
  3. Light cycles should be at 18/6 for Veg and 12/12 for Flower    
  4. Use high end fixtures, either HPS or LED with a PPFD between 650-1000 over the entire canopy for best results.     
  5. Indoor flowering times are between 63-75 days depending on strain  
  6. Harvest when >50% of trichomes are milky white. 

Table of ContentS: Expanded Indoor Growers Guide

Click here to view our detailed indoor cannabis grow guide as 1 continuous scrolling page, or continue on to browse articles by clicking below in our indoor home grow guide table of contents.

1. Planning your Indoor Cannabis Grow: Local Cultivation Laws

A. Know your Local Laws for Cannabis Growing

2. Choosing the Ideal Cannabis Strain for Beginner Home Growers

3. Cannabis Equipment for Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

A Lighting for Indoor / DIY Beginners Marijuana Growing
B Climate Control for Home Grower Cannabis Cultivation
C Automating Cannabis Home Grows
D Water Management for Indoor Weed Growing

4. Choosing the Right Growing Medium for DIY Marijuana 

5. Nutrients for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

6. Integrated Pest Management for at Home Cannabis Growing

7. Nursery Management for DIY Indoor Cannabis Growing

A Overview
B Mom Stock
C Taking Clones


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