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Collab Strains

All of Our NorCals Collabs in One Place

Check out our recent collab strains with NorCals Gardens and go to town on some of the best performing genetics around.

High-performance Classic varieties to give you a taste of our Breeding prowess.

Limited production – Lots selected for excellence in limited quantities

The best our unique genetics can provide. Nothing beats our Cream of the Crop Lot.


Super Boof x AS1

Cake Cutter

Sherbert Cake x AS1

Cookie Dough Cake

Ice Cream Cake x AS1

Crikey McGregor

London Pound Cake x AS1

Destiny Breath

Fatso x Mendo Breath


Zoap S1 x AS1

Grape Jam

Grape Dosidos x AS1

Ramen Shaman

Triple Burger x AS1

Roy Rogers

Strawberry Gary x AS1

Sherbanger #22

Sunset Sherbert x Headbanger OG

Space Mercenary

Han Solo Burger x AS1

Squid Beak

Sunset Sherbert x AS1

Wookie Burger

AS1 x Hash Burger

Zookie Troop

Zookies x AS1

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