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Jan 20, 2021

Autoflowering Cannabis Best To-Market Use

In today’s current market the best application for feminized Auto flowering cannabis is three pronged.

Extraction Made with Feminized Atlas Seed Autoflowering Cannabis:

The first is for extraction.  Whether you are blasting the flower for oil or utilizing fresh frozen techniques, Sun grown auto flowering cannabis offers one of the highest returns in the marketplace.  Imagine harvesting 4500 lbs of bucked material from 1 acre in July!   (link to outdoor acre Case study).  The utility bill on that would be very economical to say the least.  Combine that with a solventless low tech water extraction and a rosin press and your customers will be smiling almost as much as your bottom line.

Pre-Rolls Made with Feminized Atlas Seed Autoflowering Cannabis: 

The second is Pre-Roll.  Due to the slightly diffuse nature of autoflowering bud structure when compared to its sister Photo-period strains a great avenue for quick finishing atlas seed autoflower strains is to take it right to pre-rolls.  Cherry-picking the top buds for trimmable flowers and then sending the lowers and the pop-corn to pre-rolls is a great way to deliver value to your brand.   The terpene profile is strong and loud across Atlas seed strains and the cannabinoid content is within striking distance of 20% when averaged across the entire field.  Your customers will be enjoying a low cost relaxation while telling their friends of the incredible value your brand has delivered.

Early to Mid Season Flower Sales of Feminized Atlas Seed Autoflowering Cannabis:  

Most cultivators know that beating your competitors to market is a good business strategy.  Depping a greenhouse run will get you there but at a higher cost than if you ran a field of Atlas seed feminized autoflowering strains.  Field depping is the new greenhouse dep for 2021.  No more pulling tarps or having to be tied to your farm every 12 hrs to get yourself a mid season harvest.  With prices 25%-30% higher during the mid summer months of July and August you can bring high quality flowers to market with relative ease while capturing a better return for your investment.   Less work and more return… sounds like a winning ticket!



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