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Dec 29, 2023

Blue Dream Cannabis Seed Genetics

Understanding Blue Dream’s origins, botany, agriculture & cultivation, medicinal uses, therapeutic effects, flavor, and why it’s an enduring cult classic of the cannabis world.

1. Introduction to Blue Dream 

Overview of the Strain

Blue Dream is a well-regarded sativa cannabis strain renowned for its buzzy and euphoric effects, aromatic qualities, and a generally well named and uniquely bred expression of the cannabis genome. With outrageous yields, a super pronounced a recognizable terp profile, and buzzy and euphoric effects, it’s on permanent rotation within the ever spiraling trend of what’s popular and what’s out in the cannabis industry. 

Genetic Lineage 

– What is the parentage / lineage of Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is the offspring of the potent Blueberry strain and the uplifting Haze strain. This genetic lineage contributes to its distinct aroma, flavor, and characteristic effects, reflecting a thoughtful combination of its parent strains’ genetics, drawing on the delicious berry goodness of thai landrace influenced Blueberry, and longer flowering and Sativa like effects of Haze, sourced from Mexican and Colombian landrace genetics.

Genesis Story 

– How was Blue Dream created?

Blue Dream emerged in the coastal region of Santa Cruz, California, where breeders sought to develop a strain that embodied the best traits of both indica and sativa varieties. The meticulous breeding efforts gave rise to Blue Dream, which swiftly garnered acclaim for its multifaceted properties.  The original breeder is unknown, though this strain is generally associated with the efforts of the parent line breeders of Haze and Blueberry, the Haze Brothers and DJ Short respectively. 

2. Sensory Experience

Common Aromas 

– What does Blue Dream smell like?

Blue Dream offers a complex aromatic profile, featuring sweet, floral, and berry-like scents with hints of earthiness. Many also smell mango, due to the presence of myrcene, as well as unique and exotic notes like sandalwood. This delightful combination creates an enticing olfactory experience that sets the stage for the strain’s overall sensory appeal.

Flavor Profile 

– What does Blue Dream  taste like? 

Upon inhalation, Blue Dream embraces the palate with a delectable blend of sweetness, berry, and tropical fruit. Depending on the pheno, one might notice herbaceous and woody flavors like hops and pine.

Terpene Profile 

– What are the main terpenes in Blue Dream ?

Blue Dream exhibits a terpene profile rich in myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, among others. Myrcene contributes to its fruity, earthy and musky notes, pinene imparts a hint of pine, and caryophyllene offers a subtle spiciness, enhancing the strain’s overall sensory character.

Here’s a terpene analysis we ran on our Blue Dream line.  It’s nice to see that it agrees with most of what we see online about Blue Dream in terms of terps.  Most of our terpene analysis tests have shown Myrcene, B-caryophyllene, and pinene, with Myrcene always leading but B-caryophyllene and pinene vying for second.

However we have seen a few as well that have limonene instead of pinene. The myrcene is what offers that fruity mango sweetness, and the b-caryophyllene helps with this since it can often smell like spicy papaya seeds.  The wood herbaceousness of the pinene really brings together the more fruity scents into a truly distinct Blue Dreaminess.

(Insert SC Labs Terpene profile here)

Terpene Test for Blue Dream

3. Effects and Benefits

Psychoactive Effects 

– What are the effects of Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream experience encompasses a gentle cerebral uplift coupled with a mild, soothing body relaxation. It is often described as euphoric and uplifting, making it a favored choice for individuals seeking a balanced and clear-headed high.

It’s important to note that cannabis in general can be used for a variety of purposes in psychedelic healing work, including potentially healing trauma.  Journeying with cannabis is best done with a friend, therapist, shamanic assistant, or anyone trained in psychedelic therapy.  It shouldn’t be taken lightly, and working with cannabis in this capacity could lead to difficult realms that feel like or literally lead to panic attacks, so tread lightly!

Therapeutic Properties 

– Can Blue Dream be used therapeutically? 

Blue Dream is revered for its potential to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and mild pain. Its balanced effects make it well-suited for individuals seeking relief without excessive sedation, contributing to its widespread appeal for therapeutic use.

Medicinal Applications

– Is Blue Dream a good medicinal strain?

Blue Dream has found applications in managing conditions such as depression, chronic stress, and fatigue. Its ability to promote a sense of well-being while maintaining mental clarity positions it as a valuable option for those seeking holistic relief.

Here’s a Blue Dream COA with a full cannabinoid profile of our Blue Dream .  It’s fascinating to see the total cannabinoids testing so high, especially since our summer night time temperatures in inland coastal California are on average so low (averaging in the 60’s most years).  

(Insert SC Labs Potency / Cannabinoid profile here

COA of Blue Dream

4. Cultivation and Agricultural Information

Growing Environment 

– What’s the best grow setup for Blue Dream? 

Cultivating Blue Dream cannabis seeds thrive when planted in a temperate climate with a preference for moderate humidity levels. It flourishes both indoors and outdoors, exhibiting resilience and adaptability to varying environmental conditions.

Because Blue Dream cannabis seeds grow like a Sativa, exhibiting longer flowering periods, it’s important for Blue Dream growers in New England, Canada, and any other short season, wet fall environment growers to pay adequate attention to spring planting dates. 

Our semi-full term Papa Smurf is an excellent Blue Dream representation that finishes earlier and would be a better bet for growers worried about late season harvest conditions. See our post on Light Cycle Types for more information on Semi’s.

– What’s the best way to germinate Blue Dream cannabis seeds? 

When germinating Blue Dream cannabis seeds, the traditional cup of water and paper towel method works well and should be utilized.  

Cultivation Techniques 

– Is Blue Dream easy to grow?  Does Blue Dream yield a lot?

When planting Blue Dream cannabis seeds, growers often employ training methods such as topping and low-stress training (LST) to optimize yield and promote lateral growth. Attention to proper ventilation and pest management is crucial to maintaining a healthy and productive cultivation environment.

We’ve noticed that Blue Dream produces the best yields in our entire catalog, and has generally good mold resistance.  Blue Dream  is generally considered to be easy to grow.

Blue Dream photoperiod outdoor grow, Sebastopol CA 2023

Harvesting and Processing

– Does Blue Dream dry and cure well?

Harvesting Blue Dream at the peak of maturity ensures the preservation of its rich terpene and cannabinoid profile, enhancing the overall sensory and therapeutic experience. Following the harvest, meticulous drying and curing protocols are applied to preserve the strain’s distinctive attributes.

Drying and curing should always be the most meticulous part of cannabis cultivation, especially since you are almost at the finish line, and yet this is where many growers seem to check out, bonk, or finish not with a bang but a whimper. 

5. Hybridization and Crossbreeding

Common Crosses and Hybrids

 – What are some common Blue Dream hybrids?

The notable attributes of Blue Dream have led to its incorporation into various breeding projects, resulting in hybrids that showcase its desirable traits while introducing new and intriguing characteristics. Crosses such as Blueberry Diesel and Blue Dream Haze have emerged from these endeavors.

Some popular Atlas Seed varieties with Blue Dream genetics include:

Blue Dream auto, Blue Dream, Papa Smurf, Tropical Cooler 

-Does Atlas Seed use the “original cut” of Blue Dream?

Cannabis growers are often connoisseurs of the real, true, and authentic, and when seeking out Blue Dream genetics, are often looking for the “original cut” of Blue Dream, or essentially a clone or seed line that represents Blue Dream as legacy growers know and remember it.  

Atlas Seed’s breeding and production team has meticulously sought out and sourced true Blue Dream genetics from reliable sources in California, and we are religious about maintaining its authentic expression.  

When inbreeding the seed line, we’ve had to go back generational steps when we’ve taken a misstep (common in breeding) and the line begins to lose its “Blue Dreamness– something that can be easily noticed by an experienced breeder or cultivator based on terpenes and overall plant structure.. 

Influence on Cannabis Breeding

Blue Dream’s genetic contributions have significantly impacted cannabis breeding, inspiring breeders to explore new combinations aimed at refining and expanding the diversity of available cannabis varieties. Its influence continues to shape the evolution of hybrid strains within the cannabis landscape.

Consumer Preferences

Blue Dream has garnered a dedicated following among consumers who value its gentle yet uplifting effects and delightful sensory attributes. Its widespread popularity is a testament to its enduring appeal and positive reception in the cannabis community.

– Does Blue Dream test high? Is Blue Dream a high potency / high thc strain?

Amid the cannabis market, Blue Dream stands as a sought-after strain, often favored by consumers appreciative of its balanced and versatile nature. Its consistent demand reflects its lasting allure and favorable reception among users seeking a well-rounded cannabis experience.

Potential Applications 

-Is Blue Dream good for Flower, Hash, Vape, Extraction?

With its versatile traits, Blue Dream  lends itself to an array of applications, from recreational use to potential incorporation into medicinal products. Its balanced nature and palatable flavors position it as an appealing option for a diverse range of cannabis enthusiasts.  Since Blue Dream is high potency and has balanced, pleasing flavors, it’s likely best as a flower product, for pre-rolls, or turned into vape products.   

Can you run Blue Dream as ice water hash?  Does Blue Dream wash well?  Will Blue Dream yield well in solventless extraction? Our trials thus far have shown lower yields for Blue Dream, thus we consider Blue Dream to be a very low yielder for ice water hash.

So in terms of hash production, solventless extraction, and general washing strains, we do not recommend Blue Dream.  We would instead point hash, rosin, and solventless enthusiasts towards our Banjo, GMO, Fatso, Gorilla Glue, As1, Ice Cream Cake, and Purple Punch lines, which our trials have shown yield far more in terms of overall hash production. 


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