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Nov 2, 2022

Fertilization in Propagation 

Homegrower Plans

A common question usually revolves around when to transplant seedlings. When it comes to getting your autos and photos ready for transplanting, a solid pre-transplant fertility program is key. But here’s the deal: the effectiveness of this program depends on the potting soil you’re using and the size of your tray.

So, here’s our pro-tip: before transplanting, give your transplants a good watering with compost tea. Aim for one to two rounds of this natural goodness. And when it comes to fertilizers, go heavy on the nitrogen! Give them a dose of mostly nitrogen fertilizers, ideally one to three times.

Hardening Off

The Importance of Hardening Off: A Guide for Successful Transplanting

When it comes to the world of botany, the term “hardening off” may bring about a few mischievous thoughts. But fear not! In botany, hardening off seedlings refers to the process of transitioning seedlings from the sheltered environment of a greenhouse to the outdoor conditions they will eventually face in the field. While hardening off is crucial to reduce the risk of transplant shock, it requires careful execution to avoid inducing shock of its own. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of hardening off and provide specific guidelines for both autos and photos to help you achieve successful transplanting.

Autos: Handle with Extra Care

Autos, being delicate and younger when transplanted, demand special attention during the hardening off process. It’s important to stay informed about the weather forecast and avoid removing trays from the greenhouse when temperatures drop to or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Similarly, refrain from exposing trays to direct sunlight when temperatures soar above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a close eye on tray moisture levels, as direct sun exposure tends to accelerate drying. In unfavorable conditions, you can create a middle ground by placing trays in partial shade or covering them with a floating row cover at night. Occasionally, due to adverse weather conditions, it may be necessary to skip the hardening off process altogether. Always be vigilant about the conditions and proceed with caution.

Photos: Resilient, Yet Worthy of Care

In general, photos are more resilient compared to autos. Nevertheless, it’s important to exercise common sense and avoid any egregious actions during the hardening off phase. While they may be more adaptable, taking proper care will ensure they thrive in their new environment.


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