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Dec 9, 2020

Oregon Rooted: Episode 82

Oregon Rooted 

This week we bring you Ryan Powers and Joe Ullman from Atlas SeedAtlas Seed is a company breeding auto flower for full scale production. They do research and development on strains that perform better and have higher THC content. Auto flower has been a source of controversy for growers as it can be hard to grow, under perform, flower to fast/slow, have low THC content, and can suffer in total volume at the end. Atlas provides the knowledge and genetics that is proving everyone wrong. With a commitment and focus on increasing the overall quality of autos, this company has spent years of blood, sweat, and tears to bring you closer and closer to shelf quality auto flower. Listen in as we discuss everything from how to transplant, to what containers to use, even what ratio of nutes to administer through its life. There are many tips and tricks in here and knowing how to grow an auto is just as important to your success as having quality genetics. Heads Up! At the end as we recap all the good tips, so grab a bowl of that photo flower and join us for everything autos, on this week’s The Dirt Show.

Oregon Rooted:



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