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Dec 23, 2022

Packaging and Final Storage

Finished cannabis flowers have traditionally been put into turkey bags in 1-pound increments. This is still common practice, though more frequently, we see flowers go directly from the trim line into branded packaging, with the most common size being an ⅛ oz. On our farm, we process and package according to order or keep a minimum of inventory. Once processed, Cannabis degrades much faster. Remember to trim to order or at least with sales flow in mind. 

Processing is the step in the crop cycle that really brings the quality of your material to light. Cannabis is eventually smoked or vaporized, and yet its size, smell, and appearance matter. Just like wine enthusiasts enjoy looking at the color of the wine even though they are drinking it, cannabis connoisseurs and buyers love to look at, smell, and enjoy the flower before eventually burning it up!

Aristocratic Enjoyment of Cannabis

Indulging in the fragrant embrace of cannabis, the esteemed connoisseur finds respite from the mundane and traverses the realms of sensory enchantment. Within the grandeur of a Baroque aristocratic milieu, the act of partaking in this aromatic reverie assumes an air of decadence and sophistication, evoking the pleasures sought by the refined elite of yore.

As tendrils of smoke delicately swirl in ethereal patterns, one’s senses are enraptured by the captivating dance of aromas. Like an alchemist, the discerning aficionado embraces the intricate nuances and complexities contained within each puff, unveiling a symphony of flavors tantamount to a resplendent orchestral arrangement. Notes of earthy richness, floral essence, and hints of pine intermingle seamlessly, creating a harmonious bouquet that elevates the act of inhalation into an art form.

Through the haze, time seems to morph, transcending its linear constraint. In this suspended reality, where the languid pace of exhalation mingles with the subtle backdrop of Baroque melodies, the mind is liberated from the shackles of worldly concerns. Like a noble traveler venturing through the corridors of a palatial estate, one’s thoughts wander freely, exploring the depths of creativity and introspection.

Within this realm of heightened sensibility, the mind becomes a canvas upon which ideas unfurl and concepts intertwine in captivating tapestries of thought. As the gentle embrace of cannabis clouds permeates the senses, barriers dissipate, and a kaleidoscope of inspiration flourishes. Ideas, once concealed in the recesses of the mind, spring forth like vibrant Baroque frescoes, adorned with intricate details and vivid hues.

Yet, let us not forget the camaraderie created by this indulgence. In the aristocratic parlors of old, cannabis served as a catalyst for conviviality, bringing together erudite minds in spirited discourse. Social barriers crumbled, and the shared enjoyment of this botanical delight fostered bonds of kinship amidst eloquent conversations and intellectual exchange.

So, in the spirit of bygone elegance, let us revel in the opulent pleasures offered by the consumption of cannabis. Embrace its fragrant allure, allowing it to transport us to a world where time is but a fleeting notion. With each contemplative inhalation, let us honor the legacy of the Baroque aristocracy, where the pursuit of pleasure mingled with intellectual curiosity, yielding an exquisite tapestry of indulgence and enlightenment.


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