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Nov 2, 2022

The Best Rooting Medium + Potting Soil for Propagating Cannabis

Choosing the Right Medium for Autoflower and Photoperiod Seedlings

When it comes to starting seedlings, selecting the appropriate medium is crucial for successful plant development. This blog post will guide you through the process of choosing the right medium or best soild for cannabis autoflower and photoperiod seedlings, ensuring optimal growth and minimizing potential issues.

Autoflower Seedlings

To prevent rootbinding and promote healthy growth, it is essential to use a floating medium or a material that allows easy removal of the plants from the trays. Two popular options in terms of cost-effectiveness are Elle pots and grow coons.

  1. Elle Pots:
    Elle pots come pre-filled and ready to use. They provide a convenient solution for autoflower seedlings, allowing easy extraction without disturbing the delicate roots. However, it is important to note that the quality of potting soil used in these pots significantly affects plant health and success. Opt for a high-quality, vetted, and trusted source of potting soil to avoid issues like fungus gnats, nutrient deficiency, and water retention problems.
  2. Grow Coons:
    Grow coons are small nets that must be placed in each cell before being filled with your chosen medium. While this option provides flexibility, it requires sourcing a reputable potting soil to ensure optimal results. Carefully consider the quality and composition of the potting soil when using grow coons to avoid potential challenges that may arise from using sub-par mediums.
  3. Pucks:
    These are spongy plugs that fit into trays and are available in small quantities from many retailers. A popular brand for this is Root Riot

Note: It is generally not recommended to use other options besides Elle pots or grow coons for autoflower seedlings, especially when dealing with larger scales of cultivation.

Photoperiod Seedlings

For photoperiod seedlings, filling trays with high-quality potting soil is the recommended approach. Due to the longer growth cycle and larger root development, the use of a floating medium is not necessary. Ensure that the potting soil chosen provides adequate nutrient content and proper moisture retention to support healthy growth.


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