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Nov 3, 2022

Transplanting Checklist: Preparation for Successful Planting

The Afternoon Before Transplanting Seedlings:

☐ Check the Forecast

Review the weather forecast for the upcoming day to make a final decision about when to transplant. If temperatures are expected to be above 70°F, plan to begin planting at or before first light.

☐ Communicate with the Transplant Crew

Inform all members of the transplant crew about the planned start time for planting. Ensure everyone is aware of the schedule and any specific details about the locations where transplanting will take place.

☐ Confirm Transplanting Locations with the Irrigation Team

Communicate the start time of planting and the different locations to the irrigation team. This will help ensure that irrigation is properly coordinated with the planting process.

☐ Share Any Important Information

Inform managers or crew members about any unusual circumstances or areas of concern that may impact the transplanting process. Keeping everyone informed leads to better coordination and problem-solving.

☐ Soak Transplants

Make sure all the transplants have been soaked the night before transplanting. This helps hydrate the plants and prepares them for successful planting the next day.

☐ Prepare the Equipment

Ensure the transplanter is hitched and ready to go. Double-check that all the tools or supplies needed for transplanting are loaded on the tractor. If using a water wheel transplanter, have extra spikes available. Bring any required tools like an impact driver or sockets for adjustments.

☐ Evaluate Transplants

Check the transplants for ease of pulling and take any final decisions on which plants will be planted. Remove any unhealthy or unsuitable seedlings from the batch.

The Morning of Transplanting:

☐ Soak Transplants Again

Before loading the transplants onto the transplanter, soak them once more. This additional hydration ensures the plants are adequately prepared for planting.

☐ Load Transplants Strategically

Load the transplants onto the transplanter based on the order of planting and the corresponding locations in the field. This organized approach saves time and improves efficiency during the planting process.


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