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Nov 2, 2022

When Are Cannabis Plants Field Ready?

Planting Timing for Autoflower Cannabis

To ensure optimal yields, it is crucial to transplant autoflowers as soon as your equipment, labor, and the plants’ physical condition allow. Allowing the plants to remain in their containers for too long can lead to stress, triggering them to enter the flowering stage prematurely, which can significantly impact yields. Depending on the container size and propagation conditions, we recommend transplanting autos within 8-15 days from sowing. However, if circumstances require the plants to stay in trays for longer periods, ensure they receive proper watering and fertilization to maintain their health.

Planting Timing for Photoperiod Cannabis

Unlike autos, photoperiods do not have a soft trigger and are generally more resilient. For photos, we recommend transplanting between days 15-25. This timeframe allows the plants to establish a strong root system before entering the flowering stage.

Note: It is important to monitor the specific needs of your plants and adjust transplanting timing accordingly, as environmental factors and individual plant characteristics can influence the optimal transplanting window.


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