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Aug 19, 2021

Cannabis A to Z Radio – August 13th 2021

Cannabis A to Z Radio

First is Mark Goldman, Co-Founder & Media Relations Specialist at Goldman McCormick Public Relations with the Biz Roundup!

Joe Ullman, Co-Owner of Atlas Seed. Atlas Seed built its business on kale and cilantro and organically transitioned into the production of cannabis and hemp seeds. Today, Atlas Seed still farms veggies and has applied their knowledge and success with row cropping vegetables to growing greater than 99.9% feminized and weather and mold-resistant autoflower cannabis and hemp seeds.

Rico Steinhart worked on legalizing marijuana in 70s. Working as marketer and consultant for 3 cbd hemp companies. Leader of The Bunker Boys band. Just wrote and copyrighted new song “Jerry’s Band.” Plan on going into studio soon.

Listen to the full show here: Cannabis A to Z Radio – August 13th, 2021



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