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Feb 11, 2022

Equipment List for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Comprehensive Equipment List for Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

When it comes to growing cannabis outdoors, having the right equipment is key to ensuring successful and bountiful harvests. Whether you’re a commercial grower with vast fields or a DIY enthusiast working on a smaller scale in your backyard, having a comprehensive equipment list will help you navigate the requirements of outdoor cannabis cultivation. 

In this post, we will provide detailed equipment lists for both commercial outdoor growers and home growers, covering everything from irrigation systems and pest control measures to lighting options and environmental monitoring tools. By following these lists and investing in the appropriate equipment, you can optimize your outdoor cannabis cultivation setup, maximize plant health, and ultimately achieve the best possible yields. So let’s dive in and explore the essential tools and resources needed for a thriving outdoor cannabis garden.

List of Equipment for Outdoor Commercial Marijuana Growers:

  1. Greenhouse or Hoop House:
    Structure to provide protection and controlled environment for plants, especially in the propagation / germination phase.
  2. Irrigation System:
    Drip irrigation or sprinkler system to ensure proper watering.  In humid areas it is best to avoid overhead watering.  In general drip irrigation is the most efficient system for watering.
  3. Tractor:
    Essential for plowing, tilling, and general maintenance of the growing area.
  4. Cultivation Tools:
    Shovels, garden forks, hoes, rakes, and other hand tools for soil preparation and maintenance.
  5. Pest Control:
    Insect nets, row covers, & organic sprays to protect plants from pests.
  6. Cannabis Fertilizers and Nutrients:
    Organic or salt-based fertilizers and nutrients specifically formulated for cannabis growth.
  7. Plant Supports:
    Trellises, stakes, or cages to support the plants and promote healthy growth.
  8. Pruning Tools:
    Gloves, pruning shears or scissors for trimming and shaping plants.
  9. Harvesting Tools:
    Trimming scissors, drying racks, and storage containers for post-harvest processing.
  10. Environmental Monitoring and Control:
    Thermometers, humidity meters, and ventilation systems to maintain optimal growing conditions.
  11. Lighting:
    For supplemental lighting or light deprivation techniques when growing in a greenhouse.
  12. Security Measures:
    Fencing, cameras, and alarms to protect the growing area from unauthorized access.

List of Equipment for Home Grower Scale Weed Growers:

(DIY Ganja Scale)

  1. Grow Tent or Grow Room:
    Enclosed space to control environmental conditions and light exposure.  
  2. Grow Lights:
    LED, fluorescent, or HID lights suitable for cannabis growth stages (vegetative and flowering).
  3. Ventilation System:
    Exhaust fans, carbon filters, and ducting to maintain proper airflow and remove odors.
  4. Growing Medium:
    Soil, coco coir, or hydroponic systems for plant root support.
  5. Containers:
    Pots or fabric grow bags for plant growth and easy transplants.
  6. Cannabis Fertilizers and Nutrients:
    Specifically formulated nutrients for cannabis plants, including macronutrients and micronutrients.
  7. Watering System:
    Watering cans or hoses with spray nozzles for controlled watering.
  8. Pest Control:
    Organic pest control products, insecticidal soaps, or neem oil for pest prevention and treatment.
  9. Pruning and Trimming Tools:
    Pruning shears, scissors, or trimming machines for plant maintenance and harvest.
  10. pH and EC Meters:
    Tools to measure cannabis soil pH level and electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution or growing medium.
  11. Timer:
    Automatic timer for controlling light cycles and managing the plants’ vegetative and flowering stages.
  12. Humidity and Temperature Monitor:
    Instruments to monitor and adjust humidity and temperature levels in the growing area.

Remember, the equipment needs may vary based on individual preferences, cultivation methods, and the scale of cultivation. It’s recommended to research and choose equipment that suits your specific needs and budget.


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