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Feb 15, 2022

Optimizing Planting Densities: Acre Calculator for Commercial Cannabis Growers

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As commercial cannabis growers, finding the ideal planting density per acre is a constant puzzle to solve. To determine the perfect number of plants, various factors such as available labor, climate, infrastructure, and harvest methods need to be taken into account. In this article, we will explore different planting densities and provide insights into how tractor setups and cultivation practices influence these decisions.

Tractor Setups and Bed Configurations

For cannabis cultivation, tractors with a 60″ wheelbase configuration are recommended. This measurement is taken from the center of the back tire to the center of the other back tire. It is crucial to ensure that other equipment used, such as cultivation or spraying tools, is adaptable to the wheelbase of your tractor. With a 60″ bed system, there are 8,712 linear bed feet in one acre.

Autoflower Plants

Autoflowering cannabis plants have a shorter vegetative cycle, are smaller in size, and are usually planted more densely per acre compared to full term plants. A recommended planting setup includes two rows of plants per bed, with plants spaced 12″ apart in the row. With 17,424 autoflowers per acre using this configuration, you can adjust plant counts by tweaking the in-row spacing rather than eliminating a whole row. For example, increasing in-row spacing to 18″ would lower the plant count to 13,068 per acre.

Semi-Full Term Plants

Semi-full term plants, known for their vigor, are generally planted at lower densities per acre. The optimal planting density depends on factors such as planting dates and latitude. As a baseline, one row per bed planted at 3′ apart in the row results in 2,904 plants per acre. In humidity or low-light situations, growers may opt for lower densities, with plants spaced 6′ apart in a single row on the bed, leading to a density of 1,452 plants per acre. On the other hand, some growers may opt for higher density plantings, achieved by adding a second row to the bed.

Full Term Plants

Planting densities for full term plants follow similar guidelines as semi-full term plants but tend to lean towards heavier planting densities due to their lower vigor. A recommended setup for full term plants is two rows per bed with 4′ spacing between plants in the row, resulting in a planting density of 4,356 plants per acre.

Determining the optimal planting density per acre for feminized cannabis seeds involves considering multiple factors such as the plant type, tractor setup, and various environmental conditions. Whether you choose higher or lower planting densities, it is crucial to assess the impact on yield, growth conditions, and available resources. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make informed decisions to maximize your success as a cannabis grower.


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