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Sensi Norcal: Curated Cannabis Takes the Industry By Storm

Article Author: Atlas Seed
Article Posted: August 19, 2021

Atlas Seed is a Northern California farm-based genetics company specializing in curated day neutral (or auto-flowering) cannabis seed varieties with desirable growing traits. The hand selected genetics, which include specific potency, mold resistance, and vigor, are vital for farmers growing in less-than-ideal climates.

Well-suited to outdoor cultivation, day neutral cannabis produces flowers regardless of light cycles, allowing for successive harvests throughout the season. Atlas Seed’s team tests and develops these traits into custom cannabis varieties available to medium-to large-scale farmers. Many are even selling out before they officially launch.

Take FogDog, a new cannabis variety developed for mold resistance and the ability to thrive in foggy central weather. Two of Atlas Seed’s main breeding, growing, and nursery locations are located in the foggy towns of Half Moon Bay and Sebastopol, and the strain is actually named for the windsurfing crew who grew up in Half Moon Bay with Ryan Power, Atlas Seed owner and CEO.

Cannabis plant

Creating and curating these special strains, starts with a lot of research and development. “We have over 50+ simultaneous R&D projects being managed right now (and continuously throughout the year) to develop and select strains with the qualities for which we are looking,” says William Hancock, Atlas Seeds director of sales. “We then deploy strains we’ve developed in the field to test their viability in outdoor growing conditions.”

Beyond its fog-resilience, FoDog’s lineage is primarily a Candy Cane cross with indica dominant OG strains. “It’s fruit- and sugar-forward with a hint of fuel,” says Hancock. “It boasts excellent consistency in the field, with uniform lateral branching, comfortable internodal spacing, and an overall compact size.” FogDog is also Atlas Seed’s second-fastest finishing strain outdoors, finishing in between 60–65 days. And if you’re planning for denser plantings, FogDog is Atlas Seed’s best available option in the 20,000- to 25,000-per acre range. It can be grown for extraction or finished flowers alike.

“We are licensing our strains to nurseries, farms, and multi-state operators, but we are especially interested in working with nurseries that want to co-develop and sell new and existing strains for the cannabis market.”

-William Hancock, Atlas Seed Director of Sales.

Atlas Seed was founded with the idea to maintain competitive pricing. If you’re looking to buy in on the company’s limited-release varieties, work with Atlas Seed’s licensed nursery partners in California and the mid-Atlantic to order delivered plant starts with quantities starting at 1,000 seedlings.

“We are licensing our strains to nurseries, farms, and multi-state operators, but we are especially interested in working with nurseries that want to co-develop and sell new and existing strains for the cannabis market,” says Hancock.

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