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Limited Release Genetics

Our Breeder’s Selection Marketplace was designed to showcase some of our best genetics, produced in small batches for the public – here and gone in a flash! These Selects have made the cut based on their lineage and performance in the field, handpicked just for our fans.

High-performance Classic varieties to give you a taste of our Breeding prowess.

Limited production – Lots selected for excellence in limited quantities

The best our unique genetics can provide. Nothing beats our Cream of the Crop Lot.

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Breeder’s Selection


Face Fat

GMO Auto x Fatso Auto

Fog Dog

Cotton Candy x Gravenstein OG

Froot by the Foot

Mythic OG x Cotton Candy


GMO 8 x GMO 8

Purple Star

Grape Ape CBD Auto x Wilhelmina Auto

Top Gun

Atlas Star x Cotton Candy


Super Boof x AS1

Burger Breath

Donny Burger x Mendo Breath

Cake Cutter

Sherbert Cake x AS1

Cookie Dough Cake

Ice Cream Cake x AS1

Cookie Fuel

Motorbreath x AS1

Cream Cider

Sunset Cider x AS1

Crikey McGregor

London Pound Cake x AS1

Destiny Breath

Fatso x Mendo Breath


Zoap S1 x AS1


Dosidos x Dosidos

Grail Keeper

Mendo Breath x AS1

Grape Jam

Grape Dosidos x AS1

Kombucha Cream

Kombucha x AS1

Quattro Leches Cake

Purple Ombre Cake x AS1

Ramen Shaman

Triple Burger x AS1

Roy Rogers

Strawberry Gary x AS1

Sherbanger #22

Sunset Sherbert x Headbanger OG

Space Mercenary

Han Solo Burger x AS1

Squid Beak

Sunset Sherbert x AS1

Thai Peanut Sauce

Peanut Butter Souffle x Mendo Breath

Wookie Burger

AS1 x Hash Burger

Zookie Troop

Zookies x AS1

Time Lorde

Swiss Watch x AS1

Cheetah the Hut

Cheetah Piss x Gelato 41

Banana Cream Sundae

Banana Cream x Jealousy x Gelato 41

Cloud Candy

Cotton Candy x Pai Gow

Papaya Wine

Gravenstein x Papaya Bomb

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