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Breeder’s Selection – Cream of the Crop

Our Cream of the Crop selections say a lot in the name. The best performing and most sought after crosses for our retail cultivars.


Super Boof x AS1

Cake Cutter

Sherbert Cake x AS1

Cookie Dough Cake

Ice Cream Cake x AS1

Crikey McGregor

London Pound Cake x AS1


Zoap S1 x AS1

Grape Jam

Grape Dosidos x AS1

Quattro Leches Cake

Purple Ombre Cake x AS1

Ramen Shaman

Triple Burger x AS1

Roy Rogers

Strawberry Gary x AS1

Sherbanger #22

Sunset Sherbert x Headbanger OG

Space Mercenary

Han Solo Burger x AS1

Squid Beak

Sunset Sherbert x AS1

Wookie Burger

AS1 x Hash Burger

Zookie Troop

Zookies x AS1

Time Lorde

Swiss Watch x AS1

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