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Sep 17, 2021

Is There a Difference Between Cannabis or Hemp from Feminized AutoFlowering Seeds?

Is cannabis or hemp from feminized auto flowering seeds different?

Cannabis or hemp grown from feminized autoflowering seeds is in essence the same thing, since hemp and cannabis are more so cultural distinctions than botanical distinctions. In other words, it all comes from the cannabis plant. However the main distinctions currently being drawn in the ethnobotany of hemp and cannabis in the legal, industrial landscape is in the “Typing” model that differentiates cannabinoid content or chemo-typical variations.   Simply put, Type I hemp is THC dominant, Type III hemp is CBD dominant, and Type II hemp is a blend of THC and CBD. 

 This chemo-typing model has emerged in the wake of a more complex marketplace that demands more technically descriptive terminology than the typical sativa / indica nomenclature, which has come to be used to refer to basic plant morphology, growing time, and the end result effects.  In other words, if a cannabis enthusiast says they prefer smoking sativa dominant strains, they generally mean they like to feel uplifted and energized, like tropical or equatorial sativa based strains would imply.  But as cannabis and hemp breeders blaze trails into unknown botanical territory, and new cannabinoid dominant CBG’s and THCV’s are released with each passing growing cycle, a chemo-typing system has emerged to allow breeders, cultivators, and consumers to hone in on a more accurate classification system so we can better understand the myriad of therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant.  



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