William Hancock of Atlas Seed: Five Strategies Our Company Is Using To Tackle Climate Change & Become More Sustainable

Article Author: Atlas Seed
Article Posted: December 29, 2021

I think it is vital kids are taught rituals and other important rites of passage. This is something that’s been seen in plentiful indigenous communities, for example when people engage with the changing seasons. These ways honor the Earth and other features such as the Solstices, Equinoxes, and various rites of passage. What initiates children into adults and propels people into their next stage of life whether it be meditation retreats or medicine journeys. We’ve lost connections to rituals, and we need them to embrace the sacred to know we are an actor and help the future to be more lighthearted. We need to be around each other and let go of this authoritarian mentality to shed fear from continuing to impede on life.

part of my series about companies who are helping to battle climate change, I had the pleasure of interviewing Liam Hancock.

Liam Hancock has been involved with food and farming for 12 years. He studied culinary anthropology, sparking an interest in culture and agriculture. Liam was introduced to Atlas Seed co-founders Adam and Ryan on an organic farm in Tennessee. After founding, operating, and selling an organic chocolate company, Ryan and Adam asked Liam to join the Atlas team along with long time cultivator Joe Ullman. From there, the four started Atlas Seed, with Liam bringing his skills in agriculture, marketing, branding and sales and years of experience working alongside cannabis.

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